New standards in
sustainable investing

Make a positive impact without compromising your portfolio

Investors are calling for opportunities that combine sustainable practices and strong investment strategy. OWLshares has discovered that ESG (environmental, social, and governance) data offers rarely-tapped potential to improve investment results. We specialize in using ESG to create indices with Main Street appeal and Wall Street clout.

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Harnessing ESG for Performance and Sustainability

OWL ESG-Weighted U.S. Large Cap Index (OWLESG)

OWLESG is a domestic equity index with a high correlation to popular large-cap benchmarks. This innovative index weights constituents by ESG scores — not by market-cap — to aim more capital to responsible companies.

for Wiser Investing

ESG data measures how well a company manages their material risks and opportunities. This creates a useful picture of their environmental footprint, stakeholder relationships, and governance habits.

ESG is Material:

Over 2,000 studies show a clear link between ESG scores and outperformance, particularly across longer timeframes.

ESG is Industry Specific:

Each industry is judged on its own set of ESG issues, based on materiality. Scores illustrate how well a company manages the ESG issues relevant to their line of business.

ESG Creates Impact:

Companies with higher ESG scores reduce their environmental footprint, benefit all stakeholders, and govern themselves responsibly to protect shareholders.


OWLshares designs mainstream products that are ESG-optimized. Investors — even those seeking sustainable products — want the peace of mind of familiar asset classes, styles, and sectors that can easily fit existing portfolios and investment models.

Enhanced Performance

Reach for enhanced returns. A goal of ESG-weighting is to outperform benchmarks by driving more capital to companies employing sustainable business practices.

Sustainable & Impactful

Make an impact. OWLshares indices allocate more capital to companies that are better corporate citizens.

Advanced Data

Harness data. OWL ESG is leading the evolution of sustainability metrics. Scores built on the broadest available set of data offer more materiality for investment applications.

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Why do institutional investors the world over use ESG?

A significant portion of institutional money managers use ESG research to make investment decisions. They know that ESG provides deeper insight into portfolio risks and opportunities.


OWL ESG proprietary technology builds on the benefits previously achieved using ESG. Reducing subjectivity at all levels of the ratings process elevates ESG to a foundation principle for all stock selection.

More ESG Issues

OWL ESG rates companies on the broadest set of industry accepted ESG issues, providing a more complete ESG picture of every company scored.

More Data

OWL ESG leverages the largest ESG data set in the industry, gathered from corporate disclosures and filings, news sources, NGOs, research firms, and more.

Consensus Model

OWL ESG creates a multi-viewpoint model by incorporating industry-specific ESG issue recommendations from the leading ESG standards organizations.

Objective Optimization

OWL ESG statistically optimizes multiple viewpoints, effectively creating a best-of-the-best ESG consensus for every company scored.