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Every person has the power to create positive change for their family, for their community, and for the world.

OWLshares is the only index provider founded completely in sustainability — it is the very root of our business, not just a branch. It's been said that all investments have impact; the power of the market means every dollar you invest will make a difference. We want our impact to be positive. At OWLshares, every index's constituents are weighted by their ESG score, with the goal of allocating the lion's share of investment dollars to good corporate citizens.


With thousands of studies tying higher ESG scores to better performance, it's hard to imagine that anybody would make investment decisions without incorporating the data. But familiar benchmark indices weight their constituents using old standards — factors like cap-weighting or revenue-weighting — strategies with no consistent correlation to lower risk or higher return.

OWLshares imagines a future where all investors will understand the value of ESG. Investment strategies will eventually incorporate this data by default, or they'll fall behind. Those who discover how to harness ESG now will forge new benchmarks. And companies competing for index allocations will find even more advantage in keeping a clean house.

OWLshares builds responsible, sustainable, and impactful indices that fit into familiar and comfortable categories. Investors can easily apply our indices and methodologies to investment models and existing portfolios.

The OWLshares Difference

OWLshares ESG-optimized ETFs vs other ESG-themed products

Familiar, prevalent strategies with smart beta "Socially responsible" niche
Objective application of ESG Subjective, inconsistent, or arbitrary application of ESG
Familiar benchmarks Custom index or unpopular benchmark
Does not exclude, weighting to reduce concentration Excludes industries or sectors, dramatically changing risk profile
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